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Water Damage Repair

Water damage takes on many different forms. It can arrive in a flood, saturating all of your belongings at once, or it can slowly spread through unseen places due to a leaky pipe, or poorly maintained HVAC system. Regardless of the cause, Ecotech's water damage restoration technicians have the specialized equipment and training necessary to restore your property back to its as is condition. With our professional grade equipment, we'll collect the water that's gathered within your home or business' hard-to-reach-areas that risk creating pockets of moisture that you can’t see or reach that foster mold growth. These pockets of moisture inevitably lead to a mold problems that will damage your health and possessions. Our restoration company is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our technicians bring our state-of-the-art equipment to your property in minutes to begin the restoration process immediately!

Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Some Safety Concerns

Safety's our primary concern when it comes to dealing with water and flood damage. There are many hazards associated with water damage, including electrical hazards, unstable footing, structural damage, and contamination of the water by chemicals and biological agents. Ecotech Restoration also handles sewage cleanups and other Category 3 water damage.

We have the safety equipment and IICRC training / certifications necessary to handle dangerous waters safely.

A botched dry-out job is sometimes worse than making no attempt because you’ve already spent time and money on trying to fix a hopeless situation on your own. It makes sense to invest in the future of your valuable items, inventory, and possessions. Call or email the experts at Ecotech Restoration as quickly as possible following any incident of water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Procedures

Water Pump-outs, Sewage Clean-ups, Dehumidification, Sterilization(Anti-microbial) Removal of Damaged Building Materials, Content Protection & Restoration, Mold Prevention (Mitigation), Damage (building & Contents fully Documented)

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