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Hail Damage & Claims

Hail really damages your home. This is because these falling lumps of ice can be the size of a softball. Pieces that large can easily break windows, wreck shingles, and ding or dent a metal roofs.

And that's why you need an experienced restoration professional to address the obvious and the not-so-obvious damage to your home, such as the bruising hail causes on your roof's shingles. Bruising from hail looks like a small dark spot. As you can see in the picture below, the hail has knocked off some of the shingles granules. Some other parts of your home that hail can damage includes your siding, windows, and your AC unit.

hail damage on shingles
Image Source: https://www.muthroofing.com/blog/identify-hail-damage-roofing/

5 Reasons you should choose us to repair your home's hail damage.

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