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Any home or structure built before 1990 should be inspected by an Environmental Consultant to prevent asbestos exposure.

Ecotech Restoration Is A Licensed & Certified Asbestos Removal Contractor

Ecotech Restoration is a professional Asbestos Removal & Remediation cleaning company that will remove asbestos from your home or business.

We will work with you & your insurance provider and abide by the local bylaws to ensure that your building is free of any asbestos if we find any trace of asbestos on your property.

Asbestos Inspection & Testing Services

We provide professional asbestos inspection and testing services for your home or business. If asbestos is found, we will provide a detailed report outlining the asbestos type, quantity, and location.

We will also recommend the best course of action to remove the asbestos and prevent future exposure.

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Asbestos FAQ

What Are The Dangers of Asbestos?

Asbestos is dangerous because it's a carcinogen. Inhaling or ingesting asbestos is linked to health problems, including mesothelioma & asbestosis.

Did you know that over 3,000 people per year in the U.S alone are diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, with 10,000 people per year dying from asbestos lung cancer?

Is Asbestos Dangerous to Me, My Family, or Pets?

Yes. It is a carcinogen that can cause cancer, among other health problems.

What does Asbestos Abatement Mean?

Asbestos Abatement means removing asbestos from your home or workplace to prevent exposure and reduce the risk of you or someone you love developing asbestos-related cancer. This typically involves a thorough asbestos inspection and asbestos removal and cleanup once the asbestos is found. Local bylaws govern this entire process to ensure the asbestos is removed and disposed of properly.

What Percentage of Asbestos Requires Abatement?

There is no legal limit on the amount of asbestos present in a home or workplace. Still, we generally recommend removing any friable asbestos (able to be crumbled by hand).

When Is Asbestos Abatement Required?

Asbestos abatement is required when found in your home or workplace, and the asbestos is friable (it can be crumbled by hand).

How Much Does an Asbestos Abatement Cost?

The cost of asbestos abatement varies depending on the size and scope of the project. Generally, the larger the area that needs to be remediated, the higher the cost.

How Long Does Asbestos Abatement Take?

The time it takes to complete asbestos abatement depends on the size and scope of the project. Typically, an asbestos removal team will be able to safely remove asbestos within a few days. However, if asbestos must be removed in a wider area or is particularly difficult to access, it can take longer to complete.

Why Was Asbestos Commonly Used If It's So Dangerous?

First, the mere presence of asbestos in your home or building is not hazardous. The danger is when it's disturbed or damaged. Given how safe it is when left undisturbed, it was used in many building products because products containing it are highly resistant to fire, doesn't wear down or decay if left undisturbed, and is considered a stable material.

The take-away: leave products possibly containing asbestos alone and hire a professional.

Where Is Asbestos Commonly Found?

Many buildings built before 1980, and especially buildings & houses built between1930 - 1950, may have asbestos in their:

  • vinyl floor tiling
  • boiler insulation
  • fireplace insulation
  • plumbing fixtures
  • pipe or duct coverings
  • drywall mud
  • drywall sheets
  • cement sheets
  • electrical switchboard panels
  • popcorn ceilings
  • plaster, putty or caulking
  • roof shingles
  • siding
  • vermiculite insulation
  • ceiling tiles & coatings

Why Is Asbestos Abatement Important?

Improper asbestos removal endangers your life and the lives of everyone who comes into contact with asbestos dust, fibres, or its raw material.

Are There Different Kinds Of Asbestos Abatements?

Yes. Asbestos abatement is classified into three kinds:

Class I asbestos work: Activities involving the removal of asbestos used to prevent heat loss or gain, surfacing asbestos-containing materials and those suspected of containing asbestos.

Class II asbestos work: Removal of non-thermal asbestos-containing materials such as wallboards, floor tiles and sheeting, roofing and siding shingles and construction mastics.

Class III asbestos work: Repair and maintenance operations of any asbestos-containing materials that will likely be disturbed. This is the Class is the most common when removing asbestos.


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