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Emergency Restoration Services

24 Hour Emergency Repair Services


That's right, 24 Hour Emergency Repair Services!

Call us now and we'll dispatch someone within the hour.

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Do you have a residential or commercial repair emergency? Call our 24-hour emergency response number now and one of our experienced, licenced professionals will be sent out immediately to assess and repair your emergency.

What can I do right now while I wait for an expert to arrive?

This depends on the kind of emergency you're facing. If it's plumbing related, we recommend you turn off the main water line or valve for that appliance or fixture. Most appliance and fixture shutoff valves can be found near the appliance. For example, the sink shutoff valve is generally under the sink. The toilet’s shutoff valve is behind the toilet.

If it's related to sewage, try to remove any rugs and block off the area if possible.

Please use common sense, and, remember, call 911 if your emergency is fire or health related.

Some emergency plumbing problems you might be having:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Broken pipes
  • Toilet repair / replacement
  • Faucet malfunctions
  • Drainage backup
  • Burst hot water tank
  • Clog removal
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