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Exterior Drainage Maintenance


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Functional drainage system maintenance is a key property upkeep element. This helps prevent floods, mold, and rot from developing by keeping water from seeping into your house. Routinely scheduled inspections and maintenance of systems by the professionals at Ecotech Restoration detect problems before they start and save you lots of money in the process. We’ll work within your budget to ensure your system is working without draining your bank!

Not every drainage problem is preventable

Not every drainage problem can be preventable. The weather in Vancouver and the tri-cities include major storms, lots of rain, and high wind. And other factors, like an irregular maintenance schedule, changing the grade of your land during a renovation, and the age of your drainage system also contribute to drainage problems. In cases like this, whether its rebuilding your drain tile, installing a footing drain or catch basin, upgrading your gutters and tie-ins, re-grading your yard, busting-up clogs, or applying a waterproof membrane to prevent spillovers, Ecotech Restoration always has covered!

Do you have a plumbing emergency?

If a plumbing emergency comes up, our 24-7 bonded, certified, professional plumbers will rush right over and divert the water from your home before the situation worsens.

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