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Fire Damage Restoration Services

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

The trauma that accompanies a fire is not extinguished with the flames. Smoke pollution travels through vent systems and sticks to and discolours building surfaces and valuables. Water and extinguisher chemicals combine with soot and ash to create a messy sludge that oozes into cracks, crevices, and upholstery. Charred and consumed materials can compromise the structural integrity of the building itself and creates hazards for restoration efforts. Ecotech’s licenced and certified fire restoration services can help ease some of your pain by working with your insurance company to safely clean, decontaminate, and repair your property like new!


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Have Ecotech’s 24/7 emergency response team arrive with state of the art cleanup and restoration equipment on the job as soon as the fire department has cleared the property for safe entry. Immediate action gives you a faster and more affordable restoration job. Act fast and our specially formulated cleaning agents designed to clean up the sticky sludge and smoke residues will be rinsing your property before this toxic grime can cause permanent damage!

It’s More Than Just The Fire & Smoke Damage

The large volume of water needed to put out fires necessarily leads to water damage. In addition to ash and smoke, restoration efforts must rapidly dry out a saturated building to prevent the growth of mold and microbes into health hazards and to deodorize the building from the accompanying stench. The fastest and most cost-effective manner to restore your property with industry-leading safety practices in the wake of firefighting efforts is put Ecotech to work for you immediately!

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