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Water damage takes on many different forms. It can arrive from a flood, saturating all of your belongings at once, or it can slowly spread through unseen places due to a leaky pipe or poorly maintained HVAC system. Regardless of the cause, Ecotech's water damage restoration technicians have the specialized equipment and training necessary to restore your property to its as-is or better condition.

With our professional-grade equipment, we'll collect the water from your home or business' hard-to-reach-areas that risk creating pockets of moisture that you can't see or reach that foster mould growth. These pockets of moisture inevitably lead to a mould problem that will damage your health, home and possessions.

Our restoration company is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians bring our state-of-the-art equipment to your property in minutes to begin the restoration process immediately!

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration Cleanup Services

We offer emergency water damage services with technicians available the minute your call comes in.

What does "emergency service" mean to us? It means our friendly staff will be there to speak with you the moment you need us, in every way you need us.

Our highly-trained specialists provide comprehensive services in various other areas, such as mould remediation. This is important because water damage can evolve into something more troublesome. In this case, our technicians will look for and deal with it before it develops into something worse and more costly because our experts are also IICRC certified.

Water Damage Restoration Procedures

Water Pump-outs, Sewage Clean-ups, Dehumidification, Sterilization(Anti- microbial) Removal of Damaged Building Materials, Content Protection & Restoration, Mold Prevention (Mitigation), Damage (building & Contents fully Documented)

Emergency Flood CLean-up

Whether it's a burst pipe, sprinkler line, exterior drain tile failure, cracked foundation, or excess rainfall from a storm surge, our dedicated water damage restoration techs will do everything it takes to dry out your space and restore your home to its as-new or better condition.

When we arrive, we first perform a visual inspection. After assessing the situation, we will immediately split our team into groups to begin moving out your belongings to safely store them and deal with any current leaks and damage. Once your belongings are safe, and the immediate water leaks are taken care of, we'll begin extracting the water and then bring in professional- grade drying equipment to fully dry and dehumidify your space.

Again, we understand that water damage risks developing into mould damage. It takes only 24 hours for mould spores to grow on damp surfaces. Therefore, we'll make sure that you receive an immediate mould inspection. This includes surveying your drywall, sheetrock, and any hidden spaces where mould colonies are prone to grow. If we find mould, we'll remove the mould promptly and make sure we prevent future growth.

Our dedicated water remediation team won't just clean up your property. We will fully restore it to its as-new or better condition.

Insurance Consultation For Water Damage Repair

Do you know how your insurance provider will cover water damage and to what extent?

If not, that's ok. Most people don't. And in reality, every water emergency is unique and tying it all in with how your insurance coverage works is tricky for someone unfamiliar with it all.

Our staff knows how to work with your insurance company make sense of it all. We'll figure out all of your coverage details and help you complete the necessary paperwork.

We'll file your claim for you on your behalf and bill your provider directly.

Restoring your home to the same or better condition is easier than you think. Let us deal with the details.

Our water damage repair and mould remediation specialists at EcoTech Restoration can't wait to hear from you.

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