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Sewer Backup Repair

Sewer Backup Repair Services

When your sewer line clogs, the resulting backups can create major water damage emergencies. Tree roots, collapsed city lines, and other causes of sewer backups lead to accumulation and spillover of contaminated water which poses serious risks to health and property. Septic fields are also susceptible to similar problems with the same dangerous and costly effects.


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Transmission of Pathogens


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Sewage backup is not a problem to take lightly or attempt to fix alone. Because your neighbours are also potentially exposed you must not take on the risks of liability. Instead, hire Ecotech immediately to have 24/7 professional services on-site right away to cleanup sewage, remove compromised belongings and building materials, deodorize and sanitize the site, provide complete dry-out, and perform the necessary structural repairs as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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