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During extreme storms, high winds and floods can strike your home or business without warning and have devastating effects. Time is of the essence when faced with storm damage because the more you delay taking action, the difficulty and cost of restoration increases. Ecotech has IICRC Certified rapid-response restoration experts on call 24/7/365 with professional grade equipment to provide you guaranteed 100% satisfaction that your property will be brought back up to its pre-storm condition.

Minimizing Water Damage

When major storms hit, water damage typically accompanies it. Gravity always pulls water downward so the progression of the damage must be contained to already-affected areas of your property to minimize damage. Since the water source of entry is not always apparent, Ecotech conducts thermography assessments and property surveys to find the location and stop further entry of invasive moisture.

Protective Measures

When a storm is brewing, you can mitigate damage by being proactive. Access points such as windows and doors are vulnerable to penetration by water and leaving them unsecured can result in thousands of dollars in damage during and after a storm. Ecotech’s rapid response team will board up and tarp down your home either before the storm to protect your property from water damage or after a storm to seal damaged roofs and other water entry points to prevent further damage until repairs can be completed.

Property Restoration

Water spreads quickly and is not easily contained. This means that water gets into places not simply detected or readily dried such as under your floorboards, behind baseboards, in walls, attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Mold, mildew and bacteria can become hazardous in less than 48 hours of saturation so to avoid permanent damage the wise choice is to call Ecotech as soon as you think you might have suffered water damage from a storm to get a licensed, professional and complete dry-out that decontaminates your home.

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